Edit & Clean Up Traditional Art In Adobe Photoshop

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Edit & Clean Up Traditional Art In Adobe Photoshop
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Fix Mistakes, Let Go of Fear, & Enhance Your Artwork!

:) Easy Tutorial for Complete Bners!

What you'll learn
Do Basic Touch-Ups
Fix Mistakes
Fix Proportions
Enhance Contrast
Play With Color
Remove Backgrounds
& Much More! :)
You need Adobe Photoshop. If you have an older version, that's ok something will look a little different and some features won't exist but you can still do this course.
Traditional art or illustration can be scary! Especially if you're working in an unforgiving medium like watercolor or ink. With no undo button, pieces can be ruined at any ! I'm here to tell you that's not true. We can fix up your small or even large mistakes by using Adobe Photoshop! Not only can be fix your art, but we can also make it look better overall!Learn how to make high quality, print quality worthy art! I will show you how to photograph with your cell phone or scan in your work. Then I'll take you through tons of awesome techniques. We will learn how to:Do Basic Touch-UpsFix MistakesFix ProportionsEnhance ContrastPlay With ColorRemove the Background& Much More! :)I use photoshop on almost all my art because there is always something that can be improved whether it's color, wonky proportions, or just one simple mistake or detail that needs to be taken out or added in!! I can't wait for you to be more confident when you make traditional art just be learning these simple techniques! No more fear of mistakes!! :)Let's dive into some Photoshop magic!Adobe Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe in the United States and/or other countries.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Trailer

Lecture 2 Photoshop Basics

Lecture 3 Follow Along!

Section 2: Scanning & Photographing Your Art

Lecture 4 Scanning Your Art

Lecture 5 Photographing Your Art

Section 3: Let's Edit! :)

Lecture 6 Basic Touch Ups

Lecture 7 Fixing Mistakes

Lecture 8 Fixing Proportions

Lecture 9 Enhancing Contrast

Lecture 10 Playing With Color

Lecture 11 Removing the Background

Section 4: Exporting & Other Tips!

Lecture 12 Exporting Tips

Lecture 13 Tra-Digital Art

Lecture 14 Your Assignment & Goodbye!

Anyone that wants to let go of the fear of making mistakes in their art and learn how to fix ALMOST ANYTHING! :),Anyone that wants to level up the look of their traditional art!




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