Systematic Haircutting - Basic Workshop

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Systematic Haircutting - Basic Workshop
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What you'll learn
Systematic Haircutting - Basic Haircuts for Hairdressers
Basic Skills in Hairdressing
Receive the personal and professional appreciation that you have always wanted.

Together we can make your dreams come true.We see our task in strengthening and promoting people in their abilities. Together withus, they should develop their talents on a higher, creative level with artistic standards. The way to get there is through a simple strategy: We convey the "how" as well as the"why" in manageable steps - this is the best way to understand. Everyone involved canbenefit from this: salon partners and employees.Our professional fundamentWith the English haircut, haircutting became an art. The hairdresser was nolonger a hairdressing artist, but became a creative haircutter and innovative stylist. The creative minds of the first hour were inspired by BAUHAUS, the mostfamous art school of the modern era. The BAUHAUS has stood for bold, rational and functional designs since the 20s of the last century."The aim of Bauhaus is to teach craftsmen how to develop their skills to a higher, artistic level of creativity"BASIC CUTThe BASIC CUT - solid / graduated form - workshop is dedicated to compact and graduated forms in different lengths. It is intended for haircutting bners to get to know the basics as well as for advanced students who want to perfect their skills. We start with a "Blunt Bob", then progress through a "Graduated Bob" and end with a "Graduated Pixie Cut". In addition, a separate chapter is dedicated to blow-drying cut-accentuated shapes. If you choose the BASIC CUT - solid / graduated shape - workshop you will develop the confidence you need to further enhance your talents and become a true haircutting expert.


Section 1: Basic Workshop

Lecture 1 Basic Intro

Lecture 2 Solid Form

Lecture 3 Blow Drying & Styling

Lecture 4 Graduated Form

Lecture 5 Short Graduated Form

Lecture 6 Outro

Apprentices, Stylists and Master-Stylists in Hairdressing




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