How To Grow Your Clientele & Your Revenue For Hairdressers

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How To Grow Your Clientele & Your Revenue For Hairdressers
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Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Get More New Clients & Retain The Clients You Already Have!

What you'll learn
How To Build Relationships With Your Clients
How To Do Proper Consultations
How To Sell Products Easily
How To Grow Your Clientele
How To Retain New Clients
Understanding What Pre-booking is
Need to be a Professional Cosmetologist or In the Beauty Industry
In this course I will teach you all of the tips and techniques I learned and developed during my career as a hairstylist. Most people don't know how to get new clients into their chair and they don't understand the power of referral programs.I will teach you not only how to get new clients but more importantly, how to keep them for a long .The best thing you can do to grow your clients is learn to pamper the ones you have. They will book more often with you, buy more product, refer their friends and tip you better. The key is to learn to perfect the art of building good relationships with your CURRENT clients and in that lies the secret to growing your business.I will give you all the "secrets" I have that in my playbook.This course is going to be free for only 30 days so enroll now while the course is still free!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introducing Your Instructor - About This Course

Lecture 2 Who Is This Course Made For & What Will I Learn by The Completion

Section 2: Building Your Clientele From 0

Lecture 3 Stick With These Strats


Lecture 5 Make Friends With The Front Desk - Ask Them For Clients

Lecture 6 Start a Referral Program

Lecture 7 Head Massage Before Haircuts

Lecture 8 Hand Massage During Color Processing

Lecture 9 Extra Add Curls, Teach Them Stuff, Talk to them!

Section 3: Building Relationships - Becoming Their Friend

Lecture 10 About This Section

Lecture 11 Clients Spend More Looking For Hairdressers Than Doctors

Lecture 12 Being a Chameleon

Lecture 13 Listen More Than You Talk

Lecture 14 Ask Them About Their Life

Lecture 15 Always Greet Your Clients At the Front

Lecture 16 Always Say Goodbye To Your Clients Personally

Lecture 17 Always Check On Your Client Mid Color - Ask How They Are Doing

Section 4: Consultations

Lecture 18 Why You Should Really Care About Consultations

Lecture 19 Better Consultations = More Money

Lecture 20 Most Hairdressers Do What THEY Want, Not What The Client Wants

Lecture 21 Always Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Lecture 22 Ask Them "So What Are We Doing With Your Hair Today"

Lecture 23 "Do You Like To Use Products In Your Hair"

Lecture 24 The Right Way To Talk About Money

Lecture 25 Don't Trust Your Memory

Lecture 26 "Let Me Ask The Manager"

Section 5: Referral Programs

Lecture 27 Why You Should Have A Referral

Lecture 28 20% Off For Your Client & The New Client

Lecture 29 Leaving a Yelp Review - 20% off

Lecture 30 Leaving a Facebook Review - 20% Off

Section 6: Building A Social Media Presence

Lecture 31 Build Your Social Media

Lecture 32 Instagram

Lecture 33 Facebook

Lecture 34 Yelp

Section 7: How & Why You Should Pre-book Your Clients Every 6-8 Weeks

Lecture 35 Pre-Booking Intervals

Lecture 36 How You Approach Pre-Booking At The End Of Your Service

Lecture 37 Free Bang Trims/ Free Clean Ups

Lecture 38 Mid Service Toner/Gloss/Refresher

Lecture 39 Give Blow Dry Bars A Run For Their Money

Section 8: Lets Talk Hair Products

Lecture 40 About This Section

Lecture 41 Rule #1 - Always ask, Never go against their wishes..EVER.

Lecture 42 Rule #2 Never Use A Lot Of Product

Lecture 43 Rule #3 Apply Product With Style

Lecture 44 Rule #4 Sell Product DURING The Service, NOT A CHECKOUT

Lecture 45 Rule #5 Aim to Educate Your Clients

Lecture 46 Take Notes, Make More Money

Section 9: Handling Unhappy Clients

Lecture 47 Yes, You're Going To Have Unhappy Clients - Its Normal

Lecture 48 Not Happy With Cut

Lecture 49 Not Happy With Color

Lecture 50 Book A Followup Appointment Always

Section 10: Professionalism

Lecture 51 You Set The Vibe Of The Salon

Lecture 52 Always Show Up Put Together

Lecture 53 Never Talk About Your Personal Life

Lecture 54 Make Friends With The Product Reps

Lecture 55 Don't Sit In The Break Room All Day

Stylists Who Want To Grow Their Clientele & Stay Booked,Recent Cosmetology Graduates,Stylists wanting to improve their professionalism.,Beauty School Students




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