Communicating Efficiently with Children (of all ages)

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Communicating Efficiently with Children (of all ages)
Published 11/2022
Created by Markella Kaplani
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Learn the Dos & Don'ts in Communication with Children so as the Enhance Family Relations

What you'll learn
Understand child psychology in terms of communication
Be aware of why certain communication techniques are detrimental
Have a good toolkit of alternative, effective communication techniques
Armed with hands-on examples of how to enhance the communication and relationship with your own child(ren), including adolescents.
Have a better understanding of how to approach and communicate with teenagers
No psychology or parenting background knowledge required.
Communication between parent and child can become difficult for so many reasons. The rush of daily life, the different developmental stages of each child, and the diverse temperaments that individuals within the family system hold, all contribute to the manner in which communication occurs within the home. Communication can go awry at any point and, often, parents feel that they cannot get through to their children no matter how hard they try. If you feel this is the case with you, or if you want to prevent communication concerns with your child(ren), then this course is for you!Here we will explore communication techniques that evidently do not work, those techniques that we believe or had been told are effective but are rather detrimental, as well as effective strategies to get our message across while fostering a healthy and strong bond with our child(ren). At each step of the process, we analyze why each technique may or may not be effective and how to best apply it. As a bonus section, we look into the specific psychology of adolescents and how it is best to try to approach communication with them at this delicate stage of life. Finally, we examine some case studies so that we can see the techniques in action in real-life settings, with the third case study being open for you to interpret and offer the best solution as part of your project.I look forward to receiving your feedback as well as answering any questions that may come up, reviewing your project, and having a conversation on the topic.
Who this course is for
This course is for parents of underaged children, who want to enhance their knowledge and skillset when it comes to communicating effectively and peacefully with their children. This course is for you if you feel that your message and intention are not coming through but are rather misinterpreted and/or that your child(ren) does not know how to express him/herself well enough so that you can understand each other on a deeper level and create a stronger bond.



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