Printmaking For Kids

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Printmaking For  Kids

Published 11/2022
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Printmaking for kids is a beginners class to understand the principals of printmaking.

What you'll learn
Understand the basics of printmaking
Explore different types of printmaking
Learning the basic history of printmaking
Apply printmaking skills to projects
No previous understanding of art or printmaking is required to take this course
All Udemy courses must be targeted only at people aged 18 or older. You must be over the age of 18 to purchase this course.Do you want to make a drawing and have more than one of the same drawings to give to your friends and family? Printmaking can do that! Using the principles of making copies of an image allows you to make a piece of art more than once. I Love printmaking because it gives me the option to make and give away my art to friends and family. Parents can sign up their child or the whole family.Come along with me for a week-long adventure where we will get creative and explore the wonders of printmaking in our own homes. This course has 5 days' worth of content where we will learn about printmaking, have an interactive activity, and do an art project that we will make together, step-by-step. We will use real-life examples of real artists and some of my own work. Bringing that connection between art and knowledge your child already has, we will explore new ways of expression.As a part of all my courses, I have a separate video for parents to help give them the resources they need to help their kids along on their creative journey. Get ready to have ideas exploding onto paper and pushing you to new limits! I hope you can't wait to get started!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 For the Parents
Section 2: Lesson #1 What is Printmaking
Lecture 3 Lesson 1: What is printmaking?
Lecture 4 Set up and Supplies
Lecture 5 Activity 1: Card making and Stamps
Lecture 6 Activity 2: Card Making and Stamps Continued
Lecture 7 Clean Up
Lecture 8 Good-bye
Section 3: Lesson #2 A World without Printmaking
Lecture 9 Lesson 2: A World without Printmaking
Lecture 10 Activity 1: Art in our homes
Lecture 11 Set up and Supplies
Lecture 12 Activity 2: Making our First Print!
Lecture 13 Clean up
Lecture 14 Good-Bye
Section 4: Lesson #3 The invention of the Printing Press
Lecture 15 Lesson 3: The Printing Press
Lecture 16 Set up an Supplies
Lecture 17 Activity: Name Poster
Lecture 18 Clean up
Lecture 19 Good-Bye
Section 5: Lesson #4 Printing in the Studio
Lecture 20 Lesson 4: How I Print in the Studio
Lecture 21 Set up and Supplies
Lecture 22 Activity
Lecture 23 Clean up
Lecture 24 Good-Bye
Section 6: Lesson #5: Famous Printmakers
Lecture 25 Lesson 5: Famous Printmakers
Lecture 26 Set up and Supplies
Lecture 27 Activity
Lecture 28 Clean up
Lecture 29 Thank you for making with me!!
Parents with Elementary Kids,Parents with Elementary Kids interested in art,Creatives,Hands on Learners,Anyone who wants to create,Anyone is Welcome!

Printmaking For  Kids

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