Crash Course Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Nft [En]

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Crash Course  Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & Nft [En]
Published 11/2022
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Understand Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin & Co.. More knowledge for sustainable returns!
What you'll learn
You understand the technologies & the market
You know technical terms such as altcoin, wallet, transaction, crypto exchange, volatility, fees, exchange, market capitalization and much more
You can inform yourself independently on CoinMarketCap and filter important information
You can divide the entire crypto market into categories and find, evaluate and interpret coins for the categories
You have the ability to find the right coin for you among thousands of coins without any help
You know your reasons or your WHY for all your investments without fixing on a coin price
To participate, you need to be able to use your PC/Mac safely and have basic knowledge such as registering and logging in to websites.
If you are new to the technologies Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & NFT, have bought Cryptocurrencies or NFTs without a great plan or are just interested in the technologies behind, this ARTISTTOKEN Crash Course: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & NFT is just right for you!In this online course you will learn the necessary basic knowledge and the most important technical terms with the help of simple and understandable models/examples, exercises and tasks. Some important technical terms that you should definitely have heard for the basics are FIAT & Altcoin, Wallet & Course/Price, Course-History & Volatility, Transaction & Exchange, Crypto-Exchange & Fees, Market-Capitalization and much more. After this course, you can independently evaluate each coin based on the technology and find out more on sites such as CoinMarketCap. With the ARTISTTOKEN-Level-Argumentation, we will show you how you can break down the overall market across categories down to individual coins. With this method you also get your individual WHY for an investment in a specific coin.So that you really understand the technical terms and the technologies in the background correctly, I will explain complex specialist knowledge to you on the basis of examples from your everyday life.In a quick run-through, you will receive the most important information in a nutshell. At the same time, you will learn more about the cryptocurrency market and get an outlook on future developments.The aim of this course is to build your personal foundation for your individual further development in the digital world, regardless of your desired returns. Because only with specialist knowledge of the technology and the market will you achieve long-term success.I look forward to accompanying you on your way into the digital world!*Note: This basic course will not teach you how to buy cryptocurrencies. However, the necessary basic knowledge is absolutely necessary and strongly recommended before buying and entering the market.
Section 1: Introduction, Table of Content & Preliminary Information
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course Content
Lecture 3 Preliminary Information
Section 2: Technologies at a glance
Lecture 4 Overview
Lecture 5 What is a Blockchain?
Lecture 6 What is a Cryptocurrency?
Lecture 7 What is a NFT?
Lecture 8 Connection of the Technologies
Section 3: Market Review
Lecture 9 Overview Market Review
Lecture 10 Development of the Crypto-Market
Lecture 11 Development of the NFT-Market
Section 4: Information Gathering
Lecture 12 What is CoinmarketCap?
Lecture 13 Introduction to CoinmarketCap Tutorial
Section 5: Basic technical terms Crypto
Lecture 14 FIAT & Altcoin
Lecture 15 FIAT & Altcoin tutorial
Lecture 16 Wallet & Price
Lecture 17 Wallet & Price tutorial
Lecture 18 Chart & Volatility
Lecture 19 Chart & Volatility tutorial
Lecture 20 Maximum Supply & Mining
Lecture 21 Coin-Burning & Circulation Supply
Lecture 22 Coin-Burning & Circulation Supply tutorial
Lecture 23 Transaction & Swap
Lecture 24 Crypto-Exchange & Fees
Lecture 25 Market Cap & Price Consideration
Section 6: Basic technical terms NFT
Lecture 26 NFT-Marketplace
Lecture 27 Collection & Items
Lecture 28 Owners, Floor Price & Volume
Section 7: A coin rating from A-Z
Lecture 29 Introduction & Investment Motivation
Lecture 30 Process
Lecture 31 Market division into categories
Lecture 32 Selection and justification category
Lecture 33 Find categories tutorial
Lecture 34 View coins in category
Lecture 35 Valuation & Investment Decision
Lecture 36 Rating tips
Section 8: Further Information
Lecture 37 Q&A
Lecture 38 Conclusion & Outlook
For beginners and people who are interested in technology.,For people who not only want to make a profit on the topic, but also want to understand the background easily.


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