Qualitative Research- From Design To Implementation

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Qualitative Research- From Design To Implementation
Last updated 10/2022
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Fundamentals of Qualitative Research
What you'll learn
Qualitative Research Design
Philosophical Worldviews
Phenomenology and Ethnography
Mixed methods and Action Research
Topic Selection
The Research Problem and Theoretical Framework
Reviewing the Literature
Sample Selection
Research Method Basic
In this course, you will gain a good understanding and knowledge about fundamentals of qualitative research. In this course, my aim is to teach you, both the theory, including different types of interviews and interview questions, and practice - including Postpositivist Worldview, Constructivist Worldview and Transformative Worldview. Moreover, we will learn about different research design like Phenomenology, Ethnography, Grounded Theory and Narrative Inquiry. Research Problem, Theoretical Framework development, conducting literature review and Sample Selection are cores of this course. While doing so, I also point to specific sources in the literature, so that you can find them and support your arguments with academic references.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Instructor introduction
Lecture 2 Facebook Page
Section 2: Qualitative Research - Introduction
Lecture 3 What Is Qualitative Research
Lecture 4 The nature of qualitative research
Lecture 5 Key Approaches to Research
Lecture 6 Philosophical Worldviews
Lecture 7 The Postpositivist Worldview
Lecture 8 The Constructivist Worldview
Lecture 9 Transformative Worldview
Lecture 10 The Pragmatic Worldview
Section 3: Quantitative Research Design
Lecture 11 Basic Qualitative Research
Lecture 12 Phenomenology
Lecture 13 Ethnography
Section 4: Designing your Study and Selecting a Sample
Lecture 14 Topic Selection
Lecture 15 The Research Problem
Lecture 16 The Theoretical Framework
Lecture 17 Reviewing the Literature
Lecture 18 Steps in Conducting a Literature Review
Lecture 19 Sample Selection
Lecture 20 "Two-Tier" Sampling
Anyone wishing to develop their interviewing skills to conduct a professional interview-based study,Academic students and teachers,Research assistants, research associates and research consultants,Doctoral Students, Graduate and Undergraduate Students,Anyone who is to learn fundamental about qualitative research




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