Qualitative Research Skills For Industry Professionals

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Qualitative Research Skills For Industry Professionals
Last updated 10/2021
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Improve Your Data Collection And Analysis Skills To Boost Your Market Intelligence
What you'll learn
Use an effective, personalised qualitative research methodology.
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of different types of qualitative research.
Apply the fundamentals of research design.
Develop a toolkit of skills for analysing datasets.
Apply suitable analysis methods.
Use the most effective data collection methods.
Become a flexible and adaptive researcher.
A basic knowledge of market research practices.
Digital transformation is taking over at an unprecedented rate. Amidst all the dialogue about data collection, there are scarce resources for learning to develop a proper qualitative research methodology.Has the whole idea of qualitative research design seemed to become more of a buzzword than a practical implementation? Are you finding your desired research approach to be an elusive idea?This course guides you through types of qualitative research and provides you with the tools to apply meaningful analysis methods for your own business scenarios.Many leading businesses such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, as well as governments and councils, now use qualitative analysis in their market research divisions to better understand their day-to-day lives.When percentages and numbers just aren't enough and you're looking to really understand your stakeholders, developing and refining the required skills is a necessity.Being able to critically read qualitative data and produce your own analysis projects will provide you with the skills to maintain a customer-centric and productive business in these dynamic contemporary times.This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of the circumstances where types of qualitative research are used, empowering you to confidently choose the methodology that best suits your business goals.Whether it is to improve processes, make operations more satisfying for stakeholders, or emerge as a highly customer-centric force in your market niches, data analysis in qualitative research is the bread and butter, the digital-age messiah that delivers every time.You'll learn various methods in conducting this research, including data collection and analysis methods, and presenting the data in different contexts to different audiences.Start your optimised research approach now and hook onto the runaway train of the digital age. There's nothing better for business operations than a refined and effective qualitative research methodology. Let's build one today.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course
Section 2: Defining Qualitative Research
Lecture 2 What is Qualitative Research?
Lecture 3 Why Qualitative Research?
Section 3: Designing Qualitative Research
Lecture 4 Types of Qualitative Research
Lecture 5 Background Research and Observational Research
Lecture 6 Interviews and Focus Groups
Lecture 7 Choosing a Method
Section 4: Conducting Qualitative Research
Lecture 8 Finding Participants
Lecture 9 What Does a 'Good' Qualitative Researcher Do?
Lecture 10 Ethical Considerations
Section 5: Analysing Qualitative Research
Lecture 11 How to Analyse Data
Lecture 12 Summarising Findings for Different Audiences
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 13 Review of Course and Final Assignment
Market researchers, project managers and process managers looking to gain more experience gathering and analysing qualitative data.,Business leaders or directors looking to enhance the qualitative research methods employed within their organisation.,Small business owners wanting to leverage the power of data for greater business results,Small business owners wanting to leverage the power of data for greater business results.,Any other professional wanting more from their qualitative data processes.




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