Causality 3.0.28 (x64) Multilingual Portable

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Causality 3.0.28 (x64) Multilingual Portable
Causality 3.0.28 (x64) Multilingual Portable | 66.3 Mb

Causality is a new kind of writing app where you develop your story visually, giving you an incredible overview of even very complex stories.

Work with your story the way it looks in your mind, but with a far greater ability to visualize the structure.
The goal is a story where all the storylines tie together, and everything in the story is there for a reason.
Most scripts develop this over many rewrites. In Causality,, it's a natural part of your first draft.
Easily write screenplays and novels, or even entire seasons of TV with weaving plot-lines and layered character arcs.
Causality makes your story so clear that you demand more from it. The app forces you to think about how all the events in your story fit together.
Whether you're writing a screenplay, a novel, a non-fiction book or a graphic novel, or you're storyboarding or previz'ing a movie, Causality gives you a new level of control over your story.
Causality supports writing in over 100 languages, checks spelling in multiple languages at the same (including Klingon), and ships with a gigabyte of fonts for identical rendering on all platforms.
Causality is designed to run well on anything from laptops to multi-monitor setups.
Write like a boss with script, whiteboard and line spread across three monitors for an unparalleled overview of your story. This is your new writing room.
Windows 7 64-bit and higher



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