Coaching For Growth And Success

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Coaching For Growth And Success
Coaching For Growth And Success
Last updated 3/2021
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12 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Colleagues, Clients, and Team Members
What you'll learn
Why coaching is such a powerful tool to develop others, regardless of level in the organization
When to coach, when not to -- and what to do instead
Getting into the coaching mindset
Finding "coachable moments"
How to use the G.R.O.W. coaching model
Listening to learn
Asking powerful (rather than passable) questions
Demonstrating 3 types of empathy
Summoning people's strengths in challenging times
Motivational goal setting for individuals and teams
Action planning to get results
Anticipating and overcoming obstacles
Creating commitment and ensuring accountability
When we work with colleagues, clients, and team members (and even family members) we know that sometimes we need to be directive and sometimes we need to be supportive. But how do we know when to use which approach? When do we tell someone what to do and how to do it vs. when do we elicit their ideas about the best way to get something done? When do we challenge a team member to raise their game vs. when do we back off? When do we offer resources vs. when do we help our team members brainstorm their own resources? When do we coach them vs when do we help in some other way?The answer depends. And the good news is you don't have to be a professional coach to use coaching skills! In this course, you will learn:1. Why and when to use a coaching approach (because it's not always the best strategy)2. Four skills for effective coaching conversations (Listening to Learn, Asking Powerful Questions, Demonstrating Empathy, and Summoning Strengths)3. How to help your team members set goals and take action (Motivational Goal-Setting, Action Planning, Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles, and Creating Commitment and Accountability)As you're participating in this course, I hope you discover that you've had many coaches along the way to support your development. And I also hope you see that you may be coaching without knowing it – and that there are still many new practices, habits, and approaches for you to learn.So keep an open mind, have a pen and paper handy, and let's get started.Warmly,Coach Deborah Grayson Riegel
Section 1: Introduction and Welcome to Coaching!
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Get to know Coach Deborah Grayson Riegel
Section 2: Coaching Foundations
Lecture 3 Why Coaching?
Lecture 4 When to Coach and When Not To
Lecture 5 Getting into the Coaching Mindset
Lecture 6 Finding Coachable Moments, and A Coaching Model
Section 3: Four Conversational Skills
Lecture 7 Listening to Learn
Lecture 8 Asking Powerful Questions
Lecture 9 Demonstrating Empathy
Lecture 10 Summoning Strengths
Section 4: Four Action Skills
Lecture 11 Motivational Goal-Setting
Lecture 12 Action Planning
Lecture 13 Anticipating and Overcoming Obstacles
Lecture 14 Creating Commitment and Accountability
Section 5: Thank you!
Lecture 15 Wrap up and thank you
People managers who want to get better at coaching others to succeed,Leaders who want to develop their team members,Anyone who is interested in learning more about what coaching is -- and isn't

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