The Complete Guide To Corporate Governance

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The Complete Guide To Corporate  Governance

Last updated 7/2021
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Governance: Understand the workings of a properly run and sustainable business

What you'll learn
Everything about corporate governance from the basics to advanced
About culture and ethics within a company
Environmental, social and governance issues (ESG)
How to make an impact in the corporate world and how to boost your career
How boards and board committees work
How to get a head start in your career
All about risk and risk management
None, just an interest in the corporate world
If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, corporate executive or director you will need to have knowledge of the following to do your job properly and give yourself the best chance of success:GovernanceCultureEthicsHow to run a sustainable businessRisk managementCompany structureStrategyLeadershipStakeholder engagementThese are interesting and essential topics and are all covered in this course from the basics through to advanced level in the right amount of detail.I also cover more specialist areas such as how a board meeting works, the composition and roles at senior level, practical tips for getting on the board, how committees function and how you can use these to further your career.That's why you should take this course! Everything you need is covered here with clear explanations and there are examples and case studies to help you on your way. I've also used animations and explainer videos to make things more fun and easier to understand! Everything is all based on my own real life personal experiences so this is what happens in practice, not theory. And I'm sure you will find this course both enjoyable and extremely helpful for you!So, what are you waiting for?Click the "Take this course" button and give your corporate knowledge a great boost today!
Section 1: Introduction and basics
Lecture 1 Module 1 The Complete Guide to Corporate Governance
Lecture 2 Module 1 Introduction
Lecture 3 Module 1 What will you learn
Lecture 4 Module 1 What is a company?
Lecture 5 Module 1 What is governance?
Lecture 6 Module 1 Why is corporate governance important?
Lecture 7 Module 1 Summary
Section 2: The Board
Lecture 8 Module 2 Introduction
Lecture 9 Module 2 Composition and roles
Lecture 10 Module 2 The board meeting
Lecture 11 Module 2 The purpose of the board
Lecture 12 Module 2 Duties and responsibilities
Lecture 13 Module 2 Board effectiveness
Lecture 14 Module 2 Tips for getting on the board
Lecture 15 Module 2 Summary
Section 3: Module 3 - The corporate governance framework
Lecture 16 Module 3 Background
Lecture 17 Module 3 - The 4P's
Lecture 18 Module 3 The role of the non-executive director
Lecture 19 Module 3 System of governance
Lecture 20 Module 3 The control environment
Lecture 21 Module 3 - Policies
Lecture 22 Module 3 When things go wrong
Lecture 23 Module 3 Business Continuity Plan
Lecture 24 Module 3 Q&A
Section 4: Module 4 Case Study
Lecture 25 Module 4 Introduction
Lecture 26 Module 4 Case study
Lecture 27 Module 4 Answers
Section 5: Module 5 - Committees
Lecture 28 Module 5 Introduction
Lecture 29 Module 5 Audit Committee
Lecture 30 Module 5 Investment Committee
Lecture 31 Module 5 Risk Committee
Lecture 32 Module 5 Corporate Governance Committee
Lecture 33 Module 5 Remuneration Committee
Lecture 34 Module 5 Social and Ethics Committee
Lecture 35 Module 5 Nominations Committee
Lecture 36 Module 5 Compliance Committee
Lecture 37 Module 5 Summary
Section 6: Module 6 Risk
Lecture 38 Module 6 The Risk Management Framework
Lecture 39 Module 6 Risk Management Strategy
Lecture 40 Module 6 Risk Management Policy
Lecture 41 Module 6 The Risk Register
Lecture 42 Module 6 Risk Reporting
Lecture 43 Module 6 Risk Committee
Lecture 44 Module 6 The Three Lines Model
Lecture 45 Module 6 Risk Management Case Study
Lecture 46 Module 6 Summary
Section 7: Module 7 Audit
Lecture 47 Module 7 Introduction
Lecture 48 Module 7 External Audit
Lecture 49 Module 7 Internal Audit
Lecture 50 Module 7 Reporting
Section 8: Module 8 The Future of Corporate Governance
Lecture 51 Module 8 The Future of Corporate Governance
Lecture 52 Module 8 Summary and Conclusion
Those on a corporate career path,Business executives,Organisations who need to understand how corporate governance works,Risk and compliance professionals,Company secretaries,Directors and aspiring directors, non-executive directors,Anyone looking for a career change,Entrepreneurs,VC's, start ups, SME's and enterprise organisations,Anyone looking to accelerate their career development,Business owners,Business analysts

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