nimal Control- Service Call Standards

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nimal Control- Service Call Standards
Animal Control- Service Call Standards
Published 9/2022
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Learn how to be a more EFFECTIVE Animal Control Officer. Lessen the burden on the shelter. Lessen euthanasia

What you'll learn
Classify and prioritize field calls and activities
Be prepared in the field everyday
Develop instincts and tactics in the field
Service calls effectively
No experience required
Recommend Basic ACO training
Recommend knowing local ordinances and state laws
Animal Control Officers: Service Call StandardsIn this course you will learn how to service calls and improve your effectiveness as an ACO in the field. It can also be an incredibly beneficial tool to uncover hidden insights, discover recurring trends and lesson the burden on the shelter. This course will give you the skills and knowledge you need in the field to start helping your community by learning how to manage the animal population and reduce or prevent violations.Your outcomeHow to organize and prioritize callsHow to be prepared for callsLearn what equipment you need to be effectiveLearn what paperwork and educational tools you need to be effectiveHow to develop instinct and strategies for callsEnhance your awareness for the fieldLearn how to identify different types of animal behaviorHow to effectively educate owners Learn how to service calls effectively How to make the biggest impact for the animal communityThis course gives you1 hr 55 min of rich learning contentFeaturing 6 meaningful stories24 available PDF /Word templates for your use4 quizzes4 Interactive assignmentsSelf-paced learningThis course is for All levels of Animal control officers who are looking to improve the community and skill set of their shelter and fellow officers.We provide tips and advice from professionals that have conducted a multitude of different scenarios and call types found out in the field. The course can be completed in 1 hr 55 min with 4 quizzes completely online and accessible on the go. All easily accessible on Udemy app, laptop, phone.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome!
Lecture 2 What you'll learn in this course
Lecture 3 Why is this course important?
Section 2: How to Organize Calls
Lecture 4 Classifications and Prioritization of Calls
Lecture 5 Story Time: Wrong Classification
Section 3: How to be Prepared for Calls
Lecture 6 Equipment and Paperwork
Lecture 7 Story Time: Eleanor
Lecture 8 Educational Tools
Lecture 9 Story Time: The Easiest Fix
Section 4: How to Develop Instinct and Strategies to Service Calls
Lecture 10 Things to look/listen for
Lecture 11 Story Time: Friendly Cat
Lecture 12 Dog behavior
Lecture 13 Story Time: Burrito Dog
Lecture 14 History Search/ Creating History
Lecture 15 Story Time: Evanescence's History
Lecture 16 Educational Strategies
Section 5: Servicing the call
Lecture 17 Consistent Proper Response to Calls
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 18 What you have learned and How you can improve for the future.
Animal Control Officers


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