Learn How To Be An Expat In Vietnam

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Learn How To Be An Expat In Vietnam
Last updated 11/2021
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Everything I wished I new when I first arrived in Vietnam!
What you'll learn
Learn the best places to travel in Vietnam
Learn places to avoid in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam
Learn about the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City
Learn about secret beaches in Vietnam that nobody knows about
Learn secrets to saving money in Vietnam
A desire to learn about Vietnam
An interest in Vietnamese culture
An adventurous spirit
Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Southeast Asia or visiting some of the pristine far away beaches you always see on TV? In this course I'm going to show you places in Vietnam that you wouldn't even believe existed, especially not for the prices that you'll see.
The truth about travel is that the best experiences you'll ever have usually aren't at resorts you see advertised on TV because everybody else is also seeing those advertisements and planning trips there, AND those places charge a premium price.
But once you've traveled around the world you start to realize there are some absolutely unbelievable places that most tourists will NEVER find. In this course, I'm going to show you some of the places that I found in my five years living in Vietnam.
I'll show you the best beaches (some of them totally secret to this day), the best restaurants and night clubs in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), and many more destinations that other tourists and backpackers will never find in a guidebook or other travel literature.
I have also included my Vietnam travel secrets eBook, 5 Secrets to Vietnam Travel. The tips in this eBook alone are worth more than the price of the course.
It took me many years of travel and living abroad to compile this information so I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to plan the trip of a lifetime!
Section 1: Secret Places in Vietnam
Lecture 1 Introduction to Vietnam Secrets
Lecture 2 The Best Beach I've Ever Been To
Lecture 3 A Jewel in the Mountains
Lecture 4 A Jewel Even Higher in the Mountains
Lecture 5 One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World
Lecture 6 One of the Most Culturally Rich Places in the World
Section 2: Secret Places in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)
Lecture 7 A Super Secret Nightclub That NOBODY Knows About
Lecture 8 The Cheapest Theme Park I've Ever Been To
Lecture 9 The Best Snail and Oyster Joint in HCMC
Lecture 10 The Best Place to Go Dancing and Live in HCMC!
Lecture 11 The Best International Schools in HCMC
Lecture 12 Places to Avoid in HCMC
Section 3: How to Save Lots of Money as a Foreigner in Vietnam
Lecture 13 How to Save Money on Taxis
Lecture 14 How to Save Money at the Market
Lecture 15 How to Save Money On a Hotel
Lecture 16 How to Save Money on an Apartment
Lecture 17 How to Not Get Ripped Off in Vietnam
Lecture 18 Review and BONUS MATERIAL
Lecture 19 More Bonus Material!
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