The Easiest, Quickest & Most Effective Way To Train Your Dog

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The Easiest, Quickest & Most Effective Way To Train Your Dog
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Easy-to-use dog training methods that don't require any experience or expertise

What you'll learn
Prevent & resolve behavior and temperament problems
Put behavior on cue and motivate your dog to want to listen to you
No knowledge or experience is required
Dog owners are not trainers.

Many pet dog trainers forget that most dog owners do not have their experience or expertise.1. Pet dog training must be easy, otherwise many owners (e.g., children) can't do it. Dog training should not require a complicated skill set, consistency, or good timing. Many owners simply do not have these skills; they need to be taught during the process. First start with the easiest technique (all-or-none reward training) and then the quickest technique (lure/reward training), before introducing more demanding and -consuming methods, e.g., shaping.2. Pet training should be quick, otherwise many owners won't have the . Speed of learning is the quintessence of successful pet owner and pet dog training.3. It should go without saying that training should be effective. Trainers should objectively quantify behavioral change (in the intended direction) and especially, the speed of behavioral change and the Response-Reliability Percentage.4. And of course, training should be fun — for dogs, owners and the trainer. Why not


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Push and Pull

Lecture 3 3 Stages

Lecture 4 Nose to Toes

Lecture 5 The Treat Tree

Lecture 6 Dogs Should be Dogs

Lecture 7 DOGCON

Lecture 8 The Go To

Lecture 9 Dog Dim

Lecture 10 Learn and Adapt

Lecture 11 The Proof is in the Training

Anyone who has a dog or spends lots of with dogs





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