Shaking Medicine - Therapeutic Tremoring For Vibrant Health

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Shaking Medicine - Therapeutic Tremoring For Vibrant Health
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Learn how to naturally & somatically alleviate aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and trauma.

What you'll learn
Embody your instinctive mechanism of therapeutic tremoring for vibrant health.
Naturally let go of aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions and trauma.
Cultivate presence, peace, clarity, energy, mobility, balance, resilience, playfulness, creativity, pleasure, intimacy, performance, recovery, & more.
Be able to access this potent tool for self-regulation at any in your life for the rest of your life.
Experience 20+ shapes with variations to safely and effectively therapeutically tremor all parts of your body.
Learn to easily relax your mind and body using a powerful way that we have evolved to do so.
You'll access a plethora of benefits to boost your life force and let go of what doesn't serve you.
Become empowered with an ability to self-heal and self-regulate with therapeutic tremoring.
Unravel your physiological patternings somatically.
Compliment all you do in your life as having less tension and trauma in your life makes everything better.
Learn to move from your instinct instead of your mind.
Have fun releasing what doesn't serve you and cultivating what does.
No experience is required. This is for people completely new to Shaking Medicine, although those with experience in this will surely get a lot out of it too.
Some contraindications when choosing to practice Shaking Medicine are: severe physical injuries, recent surgery, broken bones, pregnancy, significant mental health ailments, major medical conditions, PTSD, extreme or complex trauma, easily overwhelmed emotionally, panic attacks or medical conditions that involve non-therapeutic tremoring like epilepsy. If any of the above apply to you or you are concerned in any way about if Shaking Medicine is right for you be sure to contact us before joining.
In this SM intro course, Dr Keith Motes will guide you into embodying your therapeutic tremor mechanism for accessing vibrant health.This mechanism evolved within animals including us humans over hundreds of millions of years to bring you into homeostasis.It naturally and easily relieves aches, pains, inflammation, stress, anxiety, suppressed emotions, and trauma in a way we are designed by mother nature to do.Embodying this easily cultivates more ease, peace, relaxation, presence, clarity, resilience, mobility, playfulness, creativity, pleasure, and spontaneity into your life.Everything in life is better when you are more yourself and have more life-force energy to do the things you love to do in life.Dr Keith Motes is a Yoga & Qi gong teacher, a quantum physicist, PhD, and founder of the Shaking Medicine Foundation, which he started as a nonprofit philanthropic movement in Australia.What is truly revolutionary about this somatic modality is that it is about learning to let go of control and surrender, so that the tremoring can unravel you. You are truly moved by your instinctive tremor mechanism instead of you moving it from your logical thinking mind.In this course, you'll have three main approximately 50 min practice videos and a few short theory videos about Shaking Medicine.All you'll need is yourself, comfortable clothing, and a relaxing space to practice in.If you feel you'd like to remove tension or aches in your body, stress in your life, suppressed emotions or trauma then this is definitely for you. If you want a more peaceful and pleasurable life then this is for you. If you can do with more emotional resilience, quicker recovery s, creativity, mobility, strength & flexibility then this is for you. If you want to support your passions in life, therapies, modalities, health, and well-being then this is for you.This course is deeply empowering because it is a remembering of something you're born with rather than learning something new. It's your birthright!Join me in this course where you'll have fun letting go of what doesn't serve you and cultivating what does.


Section 1: Your Therapeutic Tremor Mechanism

Lecture 1 Introduction - The Fundamentals of Embodying Shaking Medicine

Lecture 2 Class One - Discover and Experience

Lecture 3 Talk - What Can Come Up

Section 2: Shaking Medicine to Activate

Lecture 4 Class Two - Activate & Rejuvenate

Lecture 5 Talk - The Uniqueness of Each Practice

Section 3: Surrender, Allow, Let Go, and Relax

Lecture 6 Class Three - Surrender & Allow

Lecture 7 Talk - Key Takeaways and Review

Lecture 8 Extra - Cultivating a Deeper Relationship with Your Therapeutic Tremor Mechanism

This is for you if you want to learn how to naturally & somatically alleviate aches, pains, tension, inflammation, stress, anxiety, & trauma.,This is for you if you want to cultivate more energy, mobility, strength, flexibility, flow states, clarity, resilience, creativity, balance, faster recovery rates, pleasure, & peace in your life!,This is for you if you want to be more productive in your creativity, work, sports, etc.,This is for you if you want to have a more peaceful life by being able to self-regulate your nervous system with a mechanism that has evolved within us to do so.





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