Photoshop Retouching For Outdoor Portraits + Landscapes

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Photoshop Retouching For Outdoor Portraits + Landscapes
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Learn how to edit and retouch Fall photos in Photoshop.

This is a Photoshop full Fall edit, photo included.

What you'll learn
You will learn how to change ordinary, boring, green foliage into beautiful, vibrant, colorful Fall colors.
You will learn my 3 step editing workflow
You will learn this creative editing technique from a pro photographer
You will learn how to edit this creative technique via step-by-step instructions
You will learn the fundamentals of Layers
You will learn the fundamentals of Layer Masks
You will learn the fundamentals of Blending Modes
You will learn the fundamentals of editing
You will learn how to create an editing preset
You will learn the basics of ACR
You will learn how to dodge and burn in ACR
You will learn how to apply 2 critical edits, that all photographs should get regardless of your editing style, to 100's of images in seconds.
You will learn how to retouch in ACR with the Spot Removal tool
Should have a licensed copy of Photoshop CC or any older versions from CS3-CS6
Hello and welcome to my Photoshop Fall Edits for Outdoor Portraits & Landscapes!My name is Chris Parker and I've bee a pro photographer for 27+ years. I've been a Photoshop user since it first came out in 1991! In this course I share how to easily and quickly transform ordinary, boring, green foliage into beautiful, vibrant and colorful Fall colors. It's super easy. So easy, you can could create this transformation within a couple of minutes.So, the question is, why does it take over an hour to explain Well, I'm sharing more than how to achieve this creative edit.Not only do I share the fundamentals of the tools being used... like layers, layer masks, blending modes, ACR and more... but, I'm also going to share my 3 step editing workflow! This is the same workflow I use to edit hundreds of images PER hour!As a professional photographer, it's imperative to spend less in front of the computer and have more for more clients. That doesn't mean we cut corners and ignore the creative process. Instead, we prioritize with the end in mind. You'll learn my basic premise for editing in general and exactly where your editing should start... Hint: it's not in Photoshop.Photoshop retouching made easy!


Section 1: How To Get the Most From This Course

Lecture 1 140 Photography Terms You Should Know

Lecture 2 All Videos Recorded in 1080HD

Lecture 3 What to Expect

Lecture 4 Thoughts on Editing

Lecture 5 Workflow

Lecture 6 Resources

Section 2: Basic Tools Overview

Lecture 7 Editing in ACR vs. Photoshop

Lecture 8 ACR Tools Overview + Tips

Lecture 9 Camera Calibration, Lens Correction, Tone Curve + a Preset

Lecture 10 Layers + Masks

Lecture 11 Blending Modes

Section 3: Photoshop Fall Edit - Part 1

Lecture 12 Clean Edit

Section 4: Photoshop Fall Edit - Part 2

Lecture 13 Custom Edit

Section 5: Photoshop Fall Edit - Part 3

Lecture 14 Creative Edit in ACR

Lecture 15 Creative Edit in Photoshop (with layers and layer masks)

Section 6: BONUS 1

Lecture 16 How to retouch in ACR with the Spot Removal tool

Section 7: Bonus 2

Lecture 17 Bonus

All levels of photographers,Anyone that wants to learn how to transform ordinary green foliage into Fall Colors,Photographers that would like a tutorial with step-by-step instructions,Photographers that would like to learn an editing workflow from a pro photographer





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