Origami Dragons - Magnificent Paper Models That Are Fun to Fold!

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Origami Dragons - Magnificent Paper Models That Are Fun to Fold!

pdf | 5.88 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B088FXRJZT | Author: Kirschenbaum,Marc; | Year: 2020


Origami folders and dragon enthusiasts, rejoice!

Origami Dragons Kit by master origami artist Marc Kirschenbaum shows you how to fold 10 incredible paper dragon models. This unique collection contains a wide range of Asian and Western dragons, both winged and serpentine. Each one is based on dragon folklore and pop culture from around the world, including the Wyvern--a cousin of the dragon that appears in Dungeons and Dragons and Game of Thrones

This book contains detailed, full-color instructions with easy-to-follow diagrams, as well as accompanying online folding videos.

Here are just some of the dragon models included in this kit:
  • The Faerie Dragon -- A miniature magical dragon with distinctive, butterfly-like wings
  • The Lindwyrm -- A sinewy, undulating monster
  • The Rearing Dragon -- This formidable apex predator is the most difficult model to fold -- tackle this after you've completed the others
  • The Dragon Hatchling -- They're cute at this age, but watch your fingertips -- and keep an eye out for mama!
  • Plus many more!

    These 3-D creatures are fun to fold and collect, display on your shelf and share with friends. They may look dangerous, but they eat surprisingly few villagers!

  • Category:Origami, Puzzles, Papercrafts

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