ToneBoosters MBC v1.0.0

qavioppoiliy 6 Aug 2022 03:23 WINDOWS APPS

ToneBoosters MBC v1.0.0

ToneBoosters MBC v1.0.0
TeamFuCK | 05 Aug 2022 | WIN | 35 MB

Multi-Band Compressor and saturator.
Dynamics powerhouse
Sculpt with pinpoint precision
TB MBC does it all: up to 10 bands with configurable cross-over steepness, two compressor curves per band, upward compression, downward compression, positive and negative saturation, and stereo width processing packed in a flexible and intuitive user interface. Yes, that is up to 20 compression curves to sculpt your tracks, busses and masters to perfection.

Key features
Plenty of bands
Up to 10 bands of compression

Two curves per band
Combine downward and upward compression

Pre-amp saturation
To soften or enhance transients

Side-chain input
For multi-band side-chain compression

Get immersed
Up to 16-channel spatial audio support

Pristine quality
Ultra-low harmonic distortion and aliasing

1. VERY IMPORTANT: Block network access to '' (modify, for example, your hosts file)
2. Manually copy the desired plugin format into the corresponding folder
3. Register with any of twenty provided serial keys

AAX is untouched. Serial keys also should works with Mac version.

Protection: RSA256 (Broken in less than a minute)

System Requirements

Windows 7 or higher





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