How To Travel Around The World With Low Budget

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How To Travel Around The World With Low Budget
How To Travel Around The World With Low Budget
Last updated 5/2019
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Travel hacking: budget and fun way. Hitchhiking, Air tickets, Visa, Booking hostel, Couchsurfing. Travel without agent.
What you'll learn
Find place to sleep wherever you are.
Take only needed stuff for the travelling.
Find low-price airline tickets.
Get to know how to travel cheap with Volunteering and live there for a while.
You're gonna learn how to hitchhike safe and smart.
You're gonna find some life hacks which can make your travelling cheaper.
I'm gonna show you the way how you can apply for any visa by yourself.
The passion and love to travel around.
Be able to take risk while you're travelling in low budget.
Be open to the people and events which are coming on your way.
Stay positive!
This course consist of my 3 years experience of travelling around 40 countries. I traveled alot in Europe. And just one month ago I returned back from Asia. For that trip I was in 12 new countries and I really fall in love in Asia. I did my best to gain all the tips in this course to help you to travel alot and very cheap around the World. I tried to put only practical information that Me and My friends got through. In the course you're gonna learn how to:- find low-price airline tickets;- hitchhike safe and smart;- apply for almost any tourist visa by yourself;- find place to sleep wherever you are(even without money)- travel cheap with Volunteering and live there for a while;- travel free on the trains;- live Around The World for Free;- get on any event for free;- save your money while you're travelling;- travel around the world with low budget.
Section 1: How to travel Around The World with low budget
Lecture 1 Me
Lecture 2 What is you main goal in the travelling?
Lecture 3 Hitchhiking. Tips that you should know about;)
Lecture 4 Safety when you're travelling by hitchhiking
Lecture 5 How to buy cheap airline tickets?
Lecture 6 How to check visa status of the country where you travel?
Lecture 7 The way how to get almost any visa to travel
Lecture 8 How to make photos for visa
Lecture 9 How to make airline bookings
Lecture 10 How to find cheap hotel/hostel and book it without comission
Lecture 11 Local transport and way to travel for free in Europe
Lecture 12 How to travel free on the trains
Lecture 13 Karitas and homeless organisations
Lecture 14 Couchsurfing
Lecture 15 Navigation
Lecture 16 AIrbnb
Lecture 17 Link for 58 dollars gift from Airbnb
Lecture 18 Renting cars
Lecture 19 Places to sleep
Lecture 20 How to select the tent?
Lecture 21 Volunteering
Lecture 22 How find unusual places to visit
Lecture 23 How to get on any event for free?
Lecture 24 Museum and Zoo
Lecture 25 Prices in different countries
Lecture 26 What is in my backpack?
Section 2: Bonus
Lecture 27 Ways how you can get cheap almost on any continent
People who want to make your travelling cheaper. Cause there are gonna be lot's of information how you can do it.,Young people who are open to the travelling and they don't lot's of money to travel all around.

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