Business Processes From "Zero"

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Business Processes From "Zero"
Business Processes From "Zero"
Published 6/2022
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Get competencies of the specialist - Business Analytics without initial knowledge and skills
What you'll learn
Learn Business Analyst Abstract Thinking
Learn to correctly name Actions and Flows (Arrows) of Business Processes
Master the decomposition of Actions in a Business Process: the principle of designing Processes "Top-Down"
Learn to correctly define the Goa and Viewpoint for designing a Business Process Model
Learn to collect information before designing a Business Process Model
Initial knowledge and skills are not required
Do you want to become a Business Analyst, but you lack competence in developing Business Processes?Or are you a Business Owner and want to rebuild it, but you cannot or do not want to contact consulting, and if you did, you want to understand what they are offering you?Or maybe you are getting or have received a legal or medical education but in our time of computer technology you want to become a Legal Engineer and learn how to develop laws or medical protocols at a different, higher quality level?Or do you need to develop a Business Process, but do not know where to start or you are not confident in the correctness of your actions?Then I suggest you study at my School of Business Processes:watch video lessons,do homework and ask questions,improve your competenciesand solve the problems that arise before youCourse goal: get practical skills - competence in modeling Business Processes, without having any knowledge and initial skills in thisI will say right away - it is possible. The main thing in obtaining competencies is the Feedback between the Student and the Teacher. If you just watch video lessons, do not do your homework and do not receive comments on homework from the Teacher, then competencies simply have nowhere to come from.And this is the main feature of my course and is included in the price - send homework, which will be described in the lessons, and receive comments, as long as your Business Process is error-free.What will we study to achieve the Goal?What a Business Analyst does and why business analyst competencies are needed for business owners, developers of laws and Medical guidelinesProfessional Business Analyst Slang and how do not Process, Process and Business Process differ from each other;Using simple examples, we will consider why a Business Analyst needs the ability to abstract, the principle of designing Processes "Top-Down"and what are the properties of Consistency and Algorithmicity;Recommendations for collecting information and specifics of interviewing Expertsas well as the formation of a specific analytical style of thinking in the Business Analyst;Why do need to define the Goal and Point of View when modeling Business ProcessesLet's make an overview of popular Notations or Graphical Languages for Modeling Business ProcessesAnd the course will finish an overview of CASE-tools - special software for modeling Business Processes
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: What a Business Analyst does
Lecture 2 Application of Business Analyst competencies
Lecture 3 Why do non-Business Analysts need Business Analyst competencies?
Section 3: Business Analyst Slang
Lecture 4 Concepts and Terms
Section 4: Business Process Modeling Principles
Lecture 5 Top-down principle of Process modeling
Lecture 6 Example of applying the Top-Down Principle of Process modeling
Section 5: Systemicity and Algorithmicity in Business Process Modeling
Lecture 7 Concepts of "System", "Systemicity" and "Algorithmicity"
Lecture 8 Example by Systemicity and Algorithmicity Business Processes (part 1)
Lecture 9 Example by Systemicity and Algorithmicity Business Processes (part 2)
Section 6: Systematic Approach in the development of Business Processes
Lecture 10 Science Systemology and Business Process Modeling
Lecture 11 Example by Actions names formation (part 1)
Lecture 12 Example by Actions names formation (part 2)
Lecture 13 Example by Actions names formation (part 3)
Section 7: Analytical style of Thinking
Lecture 14 Formation of a specific analytical style of Thinking (part 1)
Lecture 15 Formation of a specific analytical style of Thinking (part 2)
Section 8: Goal and Viewpoint of Business Process Modeling
Lecture 16 Goal and Viewpoint of Business Process Modeling
Section 9: Collecting information
Lecture 17 Collecting information and interviewing
Section 10: Notations and CASE tools
Lecture 18 Business Process Modeling Notations
Lecture 19 CASE tools for automating the Business Processes Modeling
Anyone wishing to acquire Business Analytics competencies,Beginners Business Analysts,Business owners who want to rebuild their business,Received a legal or medical education




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