FastAPI for Busy Software Engineers

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FastAPI for Busy Software Engineers
Published 03/2022MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 ChGenre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 48 lectures (4h 10m) | Size:2.75 GB

Create & deploy production ready APIs using the FastAPI Framework
Develop a deep understanding of the principles and capabilities of FastAPI
Acquire the skills to be productive with FastAPI quickly
Increase your career prospects with a highly in-demand skill
FastAPI endpoint validation with Pydantic
Error Handling
Serving HTML with Jinja2 Templates
Working with FastAPI and a Database (including migrations)
Structuring large projects
Performance with Async
Auth with JWT
Integrating with React
Deploying FastAPI
Emails & Background Tasks

Knowledge of Python
Knowledge of REST APIs (at least the basics)
Knowledge of git
No previous FastAPI experience is required
For the frontend section (1 section) - basic knowledge of React
For the Docker section (1 section) - basic knowledge of Docker

Do you really want another 20-hour course (which will probably gather dust)

This is the no-fluff alternative you've been searching for. Go from zero to confident with FastAPI in a single morning - and keep a reference guide you will return to and again.

I've got skin in the game: I run my own SaaS platform on FastAPI, and have run it in production for multiple significant client projects.

This course covers all key areas you need quickly. That means it's an intermediate course - there's no "Python syntax basics" or "what is a REST API" filler. It's right into FastAPI and very much "we're all adults here", with references and additional reading for those who want to go deep down the rabbit hole. That doesn't mean I gloss over important details, quite the opposite.

The whole course is entirely project-based and will take you through all the key elements of a production-ready FastAPI application

Endpoint Basics

Working with Pydantic

Error Handling

Serving HTML with Jinja2 Templates

Working with a Database (SQLite and Postgres) via ORM (SQLAlchemy) & DB migrations (alembic)

How to Structure Your FastAPI Projects for Production

Setting Up Auth (JWT)

Unlocking Async Performance

FastAPI's Dependency Injection Framework + Testing

Working with Frontends (React)

Dockerizing FastAPI


Sending emails via Background Tasks

Setting up logging for production

Other FAQ

Everything is taught through an example project which has 100% code coverage on github.

You will build a realistic web application, including an integrated React frontend. You will also learn how to deploy it.

If you've used Flask, Django, Pyramid etc. and want to quickly get up to speed with FastAPI then this course is ideal for you. It will also well-suit those who have used Ruby on Rails, Spring Boot, ExpressJS, CakePHP or other web development frameworks and know Python basics.

Hobby/Professional Software Eeers who know what a REST API is and want to get straight to the point
Software eeers who have built things with frameworks like Flask/Django/Express/Spring Boot/Rails or similar




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