Conditional Formatting in Excel

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Conditional Formatting in Excel
Instructors: Kathryn Tilley2 sections 8 lectures 34m total lengthVideo: MP4 1280x720 44 KHz | English + SubUpdated 4/2022 | Size: 315 MB

A course for complete bners on how to use conditional formatting in Excel

Learn new ways to display your data
Discover different ways to use conditional formatting
Learn what conditional formatting is
Find out how to view important data at a glance

You'll need a copy of Microsoft Excel

Hello and welcome to this simple and easy to understand course on how to use conditional formatting in Excel.

In this course, we shall delve into how to present data in a spreadsheet. I've created some easy-to-follow lessons with some example datasets that show you how to understand "Conditional formatting" - this is a function in Excel that allows you to add rules to cells or datasets which can format the cells if the data in those cells or datasets meets specific criteria. You could use conditional formatting to improve the spreadsheets you currently produce and make them much easier to read.
This course is ideal for anybody who needs a way to present your data in a quick and easy to read way, for example business people, teachers, caterers, ice cream shop owners, and students. Throughout this course, I assume you have absolutely no knowledge of Excel or even spreadsheets in general, so I take you right from the start and describe each step in terms you will understand.
The sorts of places you can implement conditional formatting are
· Sales tables
· Keeping track of tasks
· Keeping track of finances
· Monitoring students' grades
· Guest lists
· and much more...
I hope you enjoy :)
Who this course is for:This course is for anyone who wants to improve how their data is presentedIt's for complete bners and even more advanced spreadsheet users



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