Acid Halftone Photo Effect for Photoshop

BFGfan 20 Feb 2022 22:37 DESIGN » Photoshop

Acid Halftone Photo Effect for Photoshop

Acid Halftone Photo Effect

Category: Graphics
File Size: 370 mb

One magic click and the photography is transferred back into the 80s when pop art was on fleek, screaming, contrasting colors were considered to be all the rage, and there was nothing tacky in combining crazy palettes together. Frankly speaking, none of it would look bizarre these days, as this halftone photo effect revives culture! You have 7 color filters to mix looks, searching for the best one, and 3 halftone pattern styles, different in dots size and their abundance. Cover a photo with scattered stippling in the classic retro traditions! The special twist about the asset is its acid-bright colors, prepared to spice things up with an edgy approach!

Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop



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