A fast guide to Master Burp Suite for Bug Bounty & PenTests!

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A fast guide to Master Burp Suite for Bug Bounty & PenTests!
A fast guide to Master Burp Suite for Bug Bounty & PenTests!
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 46 lectures (2h 49m) | Size: 1.61 GB

Learn to attack Web Apps, APIs and Mobile Applications using all tools available in Burp Suite
What you'll learn
Understand the fundamentals of using Burp Suite
Learn how and when to use the Burp Suite functionalities
Gain insight into how a professional uses Burp Suite everyday
Learn the best ways to setup your environment for Ethical Hacking
Go above and beyond Burp Suite to find all types of vulnerabilities
Basic computer usage (Using a web browser, changing networking settings)
An interest in Web hacking
This course will teach everything you need to know about Burp Suite to start Bug Bounty hunting or to become a professional penetration tester.
The course is taught by an InfoSec professional who has been in the industry for multiple years, has multiple certifications and has worked with hundreds of clients in many regions. Most importantly, he has used Burp Suite almost daily as part of the hundreds of client engagements and knows how to use the tool to achieve results.
This course goes into detail on all areas of Burp Suite, including 3rd party extensions to ensure all areas of testing are covered. You will learn how to use Burp Suite to find everything in the OWASP TOP 10 which is vital to any professional test.
Not only will this course teach you how to use Burp Suite as a professional, but you will also learn the specific tips and tricks that a professional tester uses to go beyond the program to really utilise it’s features for all types of testing. For example, API and Mobile application testing.
As an added bonus, you will be shown some examples of finding OWASP TOP 10 Issues using Burp Suite
A01 Broken Access Control
A02 Cryptographic Failures
A03 Injection
A04 Insecure Design
A05 Security Misconfiguration
A06 Vulnerable and Outdated Components
A07 Identification and Authentication Failures
A08 Software and Data Integrity Failures
A09 Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
A10 Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF)
You will not find this level of detail in an average Burp Suite course. Let’s do this, lets make that bug bounty money!
Who this course is for
Beginner Ethical Hackers looking to learn a tool for use with Penetration Testing and Bug Bounties





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