How to make a mandala grid using PowerPoint?

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How to make a mandala grid using PowerPoint?
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In this class I will show you how you can design and create your own mandala grid using PowerPoint!

In this class we will design a grid together which you can use for drawing your flowers and/or mandalas. Together, we will make a design in PowerPoint. I will walk you through it! You only have to design the grid once, print it and you can use it multiple s.
This class is for you if:
You don't want to work with pencil first but still want to achieve a need outcome
You want to explore how PowerPoint can help you with your drawings
You don't have the patience to use a ruler or other tools every you want to doodle a mandala or flowers in a symmetrical way
You want to doodle in a relaxing way, but still with some guidelines
Are you ready to use PowerPoint in favor of your drawings Grab your cup of tea (or coffee, or hot cocoa) and join me in making the grid in PowerPoint!
BackgroundI LOVE doodling mandalas and flowers mindlessly! Preferably, I draw with pen and not with pencil first. However, I also want to achieve smooth lines and symmetry in my drawings and don't like to use a ruler or other tools like that.
Using those tools often takes me out of my flow.
I want to doodle mindlessly and, at the same , achieve some smooth lines and symmetry in my mandala and flower drawings. A grid to draw on is an ideal way for me to get in the flow of drawing!
To be clear: this class is not about making (mandala) patterns, it is above all about the grid. That is why I assigned it as 'all levels'. Bners who never did mandala's before can start here. And experienced mandala drawers can learn something new in PPT.



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