Values In Digital Illustration - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Values In Digital Illustration - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners
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Welcome to the "Values In Digital Illustration - The Ultimate Guide for Bners" class!

In this class you will learn how to make sure that the values in your artwork are right and to make your artworks easily readable and attractive to your audience.
The difference between a good image and a great image can be seen right at the first sight. But what makes our eye differentiate this in only a few seconds
Having the values right is one of the concepts that makes our artworks easily readable. And what are values It is basically how light or dark something is. And how you can check it In greyscale.
Through various exercises you will practice creating harmony within your artworks and to make sure that they are easily readable in greyscale too, because that is what will make your audience attracted to it.
I am going to work on an iPad and Procreate, but you can follow the class in any software, you will just need a working knowledge of it.
This class is perfect for anyone who is creating art, even if not in the digital media, because the topic applies to visual arts in general. It is a perfect fit for bner illustrators who have never given a thought to values and have the feeling that there is something off in their artworks.
In this class you will learn:
- to choose a Value Range for your artworks in order to set mood
- to set a Value Scale within the chosen range
- to choose colors that match the set Value Scale
- to create a Value Check Layer
- 3 strats to solve problems with values
- to create an illustration that is easily readable in greyscale



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