Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters Collector's Edition {v.Final-Updated}

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Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters Collector's Edition {v.Final-Updated}

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters
Collector's Edition

Embark on an electrifying adventure to save the world from a robotic menace! As the leader of the Rescue Team, you will guide your courageous crew as it attempts to shut down the Power Eaters before they turn Earth into a huge ball of lightning! The Rescue Team is on standby when it starts receiving reports of strange phenomenon taking place around the globe. At first, wacky weather patterns seem to the worst of the planet's worries, but then strange robotic creatures begin to emerge from oceans and caverns and spark catastrophic calamities! Known as Power Eaters, the robot forces unleash unimaginable power surges wherever they appear! As you tackle this exhilarating quest, you'll plan out the best path through each level and the race to gather resources, repair damage, save victims and defeat an ever-growing variety of bizarre robots. Can you find a way to reprogram the machines and use them for good? Will you be able to locate the devious mind behind their appearance? And can you grill enough hamburgers to keep your crew happy?

Rescue Team 12: Power Eaters Collector's Edition {v.Final-Updated}

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