Semantic Web for Effective Healthcare Systems

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Semantic Web for Effective Healthcare Systems
English | 2021 | ISBN: ‎ 1119762294 | 368 pages | True PDF EPUB | 11.66 MB

Recently, the Semantic Web has gained huge popularity to address these challenges.

Semantic web technologies have the opportunity to transform the way healthcare providers utilize technology to gain insights and knowledge from their data and make decisions. Both big data and semantic web technologies can complement each other to address the challenges and add intelligence to healthcare management systems.
The aim of this book is to analyze the current status on how Semantic Web is used to solve the health data integration and interoperability problem, how it provides advanced data linking capabilities that can improve search and retrieval of medical data. There are chapters in the book which analyze the tools and approaches to semantic health data analysis and knowledge discovery. The book discusses the role of semantic technologies in extracting and transfog healthcare data before storing it in repositories. It also discusses different approaches for integrating heterogeneous healthcare data. To summarize, the book will help readers understand key concepts in semantic web applications for biomedical eeering and healthcare.



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