Mobile Data Visualization (AK Peters Visualization Series)

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Mobile Data Visualization (AK Peters Visualization Series)
English | 2022 | ISBN: ‎ 0367534711 | 345 pages | True EPUB | 10 MB

Mobile Data Visualization is about facilitating access to and understanding of data on mobile devices.

Wearable trackers, mobile phones, and tablets are used by millions of people each day to read weather maps, financial charts, or personal health meters. What is required to create effective visualizations for mobile devices This book introduces key concepts of mobile data visualization and discusses opportunities and challenges from both research and practical perspectives. Mobile Data Visualization is the first book to provide an overview of how to effectively visualize, analyze, and communicate data on mobile devices. Drawing from the expertise, research, and experience of an international range of acads and practitioners from across the domains of Visualization, Human Computer Interaction, and Ubiquitous Computing, the book explores the challenges of mobile visualization and explains how it differs from traditional data visualization. It highlights opportunities for reaching new audiences with engaging, interactive, and compelling mobile content. In nine chapters, this book presents interesting perspectives on mobile data visualization including: how to characterize and classify mobile visualizations; how to interact with them while on the go and with limited attention spans; how to adapt them to various mobile contexts; specific methods on how to design and evaluate them; reflections on privacy, ethical and other challenges, as well as an outlook to a future of ubiquitous visualization. This accessible book is a valuable and rich resource for visualization designers, practitioners, researchers, and students alike.



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