Latinx Cine in the Twenty-First Century

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Latinx Cine in the Twenty-First Century

Latinx Cine in the Twenty-First Century
pdf | 7.2 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 0816537909 | Author: Aldama, Frederick Luis; | Year: 2019


Today's Latinx motion pictures are built on the struggles-and victories-of prior decades. Earlier filmmakers threw open doors and cleared new paths for those of the twenty-first century to willfully reconstruct Latinx epics as well as the daily tragedies and triumphs of Latinx lives.

Twenty-first-century Latinx film offers much to celebrate, but as noted pop culture critic Frederick Luis Aldama writes, there's still room to be purposefully critical. In Latinx Ciné in the Twenty-First Century contributors offer groundbreaking scholarship that does both, bringing together a comprehensive presentation of contemporary film and filmmakers from all corners of Latinx culture.

The book's seven sections cover production techniques and evolving genres, profile those behind and in front of the camera, and explore the distribution and consumption of contemporary Latinx films. Chapters delve into issues that are timely, relevant, and influential, including representation or the lack thereof, identity and stereotypes, hybridity, immigration and detention, historical recuperation, and historical amnesia.

With its capacious range and depth of vision, this timeless volume of cutting-edge scholarship blazes new paths in understanding the full complexities of twenty-first century Latinx filmmaking.



Iván Eusebio Aguirre Darancou

Frederick Luis Aldama

Juan J. Alonzo

Lee Bebout

Debra A. Castillo

Nikolina Dobreva

Paul Espinosa

Mauricio Espinoza

Camilla Fojas

Rosa-Linda Fregoso

Desirée J. Garcia

Enrique García

Clarissa Goldsmith

Matthew David Goodwin

Monica Hanna

Sara Veronica Hinojos

Carlos Gabriel Kelly

Jennifer M. Lozano

Manuel M. Martín-Rodríguez

J. V. Miranda

Valentina Montero Román

Danielle Alexis Orozco

Henry Puente

John D. "Rio" Riofrio

Richard T. Rodríguez

Ariana Ruiz

Samuale Saldívar III

Jorge Santos

Rebecca A. Sheehan

Category:Hispanic American Studies, Telecommunications, Hispanic American Demographic Studies


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