Alarm Clock Pro 14.0 macOS

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Alarm Clock Pro 14.0 macOS
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Display Maestro gives you full control over attached displays, allowing the use of all available resolutions and bit depths.

Latest versions of macOS strip out the useful ability to set specific resolutions and presents a more user-friendly approach.
Experienced users, especially graphic designers and presenters, demand more precise control of their devices. Access exactly the resolution you need with Display Maestro's traditional Mac-like menu.

Pro users can also view advanced resolution and device information rag from gamma configuration, RGB color points, scaling, samples per pixel, screen dimensions, device vendor IDs, refresh rate, manufacture dates, dots per inch, Retina (HiDPI) status, and more.

Also view feature information such as if the following are enabled are supported: pan enabled, simulscan enabled, is stretched, television mode, Desktop GUI support, interlace mode, mirroring supported, built-in, high-resolution capable, accelerator backed, and more.

Display list of all displays and resolutions.

Toggle list of unsafe resolutions.

Restore ColorSync settings.

View the white, red, green, and blue gamma values as well as channels

View the red, green and blue X,Y points.

View display transformation values.

View vendor codes and manufacture dates.

View display capabilities like backlist, mirroring, digital, stereo, OpenGL acceleration, HiDPI capable, and AirPlay.

View display properties simulscan, television mode, samples per pixel, pan required, display size, interlaced, bytes per row, bits per sample, and more.

macOS 10.14 or later

Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor





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