Lumberjack Wolves A Paranorma - Serena Meadows

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Lumberjack Wolves  A Paranorma - Serena Meadows

Lumberjack Wolves A Paranorma - Serena Meadows
epub | 724.73 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09CRSP8RF | Author: Meadows, Serena | Year: 2021


We're raised to serve and defend our wolf shifter clans, and keep their secrets.
Relationships with humans are forbidden. Reproducing is forbidden.
And if we fail.we must choose between love and loyalty.
Book 1
I'm expected to take over the family business and lead my clan. But I'm falling hard for Amy-and she's off limits to wolf shifters. Our love can survive if we run away together.but that may be the most dangerous option.
Book 2
Alex will soon marry another wolf shifter. But I'm the one carrying his baby. I'm doomed to a life full of lies.and keeping our relationship hidden is the only way I'll survive.
Book 3
As the town sheriff I took an oath to serve and protect. And as a wolf shifter, I went against my better judgement and hired a beautiful woman to fill a job. Our relationship has gone from professional to forbidden
Book 4
One look at Tabitha has me weak in the knees.and every rule set in place for wolf shifters suddenly doesn't matter. I can't live without her. I will face the wrath of my clan when they find out what I've done.
Each book in this sexy-as-sin series can each be read as standalones, and has no cliffhangers, but are best read in order.
Warning: Adults Only

Category:Romance Anthologies, Romance Collections & Anthologies, Paranormal Ghost Romance


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