Cant Remember to Forget You A - Poppy Parkes

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Cant Remember to Forget You  A - Poppy Parkes

Cant Remember to Forget You A - Poppy Parkes
epub | 416.99 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09G7SW79H | Author: Poppy Parkes, Flirt Club | Year: 2021


Can disaster lead to their happily ever after?

A freak accident puts Zach Pryor in the hospital with amnesia - and brings nurse Annika Alcott face to face with her former high school sweetheart.

He doesn't remember that he left her, and how he's been filled with regret ever since.
She's never been able to forget how good they were together, even though he broke her heart.

Is his memory loss their second chance at forever, or a disaster waiting to happen?

A simple slip and fall, a car crash, a chemical reaction, or even a hockey puck to the head. Next thing you know, amnesia has turned the person you were madly in love with only moments ago into just another face you don't recognize. How can a relationship possibly survive?

This October, Flirt Club is bringing you the Unforgettable Series: 8 hazy, fuzzy, swoon-worthy stories of losing a loved one to amnesia and fighting to get them back. Join us in getting lost in love October 6-15.

Can't Remember to Forget You is one of eight books in the Unforgettable series from Flirt Club.

Category:U.S. Short Stories, Medical Fiction, Medical Romance


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