Seams of Shadow by Gwendolyn N Nix

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Seams of Shadow by Gwendolyn N  Nix

Seams of Shadow by Gwendolyn N Nix
epub | 477.99 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0982VSGWC | Author: Gwendolyn N. Nix | Year: 2021


Evil is the consequence of an individual's own struggles against non-existence...
Ancient monsters of destruction rise from emerging rifts that dot the landscape, pushing cities and the known civilization to their downfall. As her homeland falls into chaos around her and political intrigues arise, Eos-a celestial healer with a thrice-split soul-battles to mitigate the consequences of her ever-increasing powers to help close the rifts connecting her world to an unknown, dangerous underworld. When an angel with a claim on her arrives, demanding what he's owed, she must tap into her newly discovered lineage to find a way to escape him.
Erigenia, the parasite on Eos' soul, has severed her link to Eos in a reckless bid for independence. Scavenging for resources to maintain her decaying form and ensure her immortality, she slowly begins to descend little by little into the darkness of non-existence. Yet, as her magic begins to fade, Erigenia finds herself...

Category:Epic Fantasy, Epic Fantasy


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