Nights in Nepal (The Vagabond S - Tarrah Anders

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Nights in Nepal (The Vagabond S - Tarrah Anders

Nights in Nepal (The Vagabond S - Tarrah Anders
epub | 235.16 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09FWQJW9D | Author: Tarrah Anders | Year: 2021


Life is full of unexpected adventures.

I live my life from moment to moment, traveling wherever I want, whenever I want, which is how I ended up in Nepal.
I came for the adventure with a group of friends, only I had no idea that meeting HER would be the thrill of a lifetime.
Her fiery red hair, the sway of her hips and her teasing smirk ensnared me at first sight. Little did I know that she was part- owner of the company that I would be spending the next few weeks with. So, when she propositioned me for a different kind of thrill, how could I say no?
The first time I saw Mr. Hot and Handsome at the airport, I was instantly attracted.
Finding out he'd noticed me too was a rush like no other. The only problem was that his group could be the turning point that would make my business boom. I know I should have ignored my crush on him, but my best friend convinced me to enjoy the thrill of attraction. So, we made a deal.
No commitments. Only temporary fun. Because he doesn't live here and I do.
Once you experience the thrill of loving someone and having them love you in return, it's hard to go back to a world without it.
But is the heat of passion enough to take their relationship from a temporary arrangement to a permanent situation?

Category:Travel Adventure Fiction, Romance Anthologies, Romance Collections & Anthologies


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