Create an Editable Pattern in Procreate with Color Variations

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Create an Editable Pattern in Procreate with Color Variations
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Learn how to create an editable pattern in Procreate in this class by me, Maja Faber. You will learn a fun and simple technique, including how to recolor your design into several different color variations - and how to make your pattern editable so that you can make changes to the pattern in the future.

Creating patterns in Procreate has always seemed like a pain to me. It just never felt as intuitive and easy as creating patterns in Adobe Illustrator. And not to mention the loss of editing possibilities that I used to feel that Procreate patterns had.

But lately, Ive been exploring making patterns in Procreate, and Ive found a process to use that I love. Its fun, simple, and quick. Your patterns will be editable and youll be able to change the colors to create several different color variations. Ive actually created over 200 patterns in just two months - with this technique. And I will show you just how you can do the same.

This is bner-friendly class, as well as for you who know your way around Procreate - and wants to learn my technique of creating editable patterns in Procreate.

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