JavaScript Simplified (Updated 17/09/2021)

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JavaScript Simplified (Updated 17/09/2021)
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Learn how to think like a developer and build any project you can dream of by taking action instead of just following along with tutorials.

Hey! I'm Kyle Cook. You may know me as Web Dev Simplified, but not too long ago I was the person saying everything above. I watched hundreds, maybe even thousands, of jаvascript tutorials, but I still struggled to make even the most basic projects on my own. Just looking at a blank text editor filled me with fear.

I just assumed that programming wasn't for me. It seemed like everyone else knew exactly what to do while I was stuck Googling even the most basic problems. It wasn't until much later that I realized the problem wasn't me, but instead was how I was trying to learn.

I realized that the tutorials and courses I was watching weren't teaching me the concepts I needed in order to become a jаvascript developer. On top of that, the way I was practicing jаvascript was terrible and caused me more harm than good.

Luckily, I stumbled upon the perfect learning technique that allowed me to learn jаvascript and build any project I could dream of.

Learn how to build any project, not just the ones in this course

By far the biggest thing that helped me learn jаvascript was realizing that learning jаvascript is just like learning a for language.

There are two parts to learning a for language. The words of the language and the grammar of the language. Without a strong understanding of both the words and the grammar of a language you are unable to express yourself in that language. Even if you knew every word in a for language it would be useless unless you also understood how to use grammar to connect those words.

This is obvious, but what most people don't realize is this applies to programming languages as well.

Learning jаvascript is no different than learning a for language.

In jаvascript there are two parts as well. The syntax/concepts and the ability to connect those concepts together. The syntax and individual concepts of jаvascript are like the words of a for language. It doesn't matter how many jаvascript concepts you know, if you can't connect them you can't create jаvascript programs. This connection of concepts is like the grammar of a for language.

Once I realized this I immediately saw why I was struggling so much. I spent a ton of reading documentation and learning jаvascript concepts, but I never practiced connecting them properly. This meant I knew all the concepts of jаvascript, but had no way to connect them and thus I could not create jаvascript programs.

I needed to change the way I used projects to learn.



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