Simpler Options - Elephant Swing Trading

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Simpler Options - Elephant Swing Trading

Simpler Options - Elephant Swing Trading
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In this course John Carter speaks about how to find an "elephant" trade, and what it could mean to your P&L.

Swing trading is a unique style suited for those who can't, or choose not to, stare at charts all day every day.
- What is an "Elephant Stock"
- What are the best swing trading setups?
- What technical analysis indicators should I use?
- What foundational analysis techniques should I use?
- What criteria to look for when choosing a stock to swing trade/strong>
- When the best times are to place your swing trades
- How to make that one trade per year that has the potential to dramatically elevate your trading account
- And much more.

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Simpler Options - Elephant Swing Trading

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