R Programming for Complete Data Science and Machine Learning

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R Programming for Complete Data Science and Machine Learning
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Understanding R programming and Why R.

What you'll learn

Variable, Literal and Different types of Operator.

Understanding Data Structure eg: Atomic vector, List Array, Matrices, Data Frame, Factors with all Operations.

Practical work on Control structures (if statements / Family), Switch statements, Loops (For, while, repeat) Jump Statements and with Functions and its types

Live work on Data Visualization all types (which professionally used) including the Advance Data Visualization using ggplot2 R package.

Understand Machine Learning and types.

Making clear picture on Data and types of quantitative and qualitative data and Data set.

Work on regression and its types Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression and Support Vector Regression.

Work on Classification and its types Logistic Regression Support Vector Classification K Nearest Neighbors.

Work on Clustering and its types Hierarchical Clustering and K Means Clustering.

Work on Assoication and its types Apriori Eclat and F-P Growth Algorithm.


The whole journey of the course is all about R Programming first, then Machine Learning including the concept of Data Science using R programming. Flexibility and ease are the desire of every Data Scientist or machine learning expert, but because of steep learning, student get tired and overwhelmed. The journey of machine learning especially got confused due to Math and Statistics behand!

The Course designed is such a way, that will be useful for all level specially student who are learning and under working on it.

This separate session in Module I is all about R programming including Theoretical and Practical work using R Studio IDE, whereas in Module II, the individually session of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithm will be discussed. The discussion of each session based on live and real life example and dataset to make you understand in better way.

The Course has Two Module, in Module-I you will learn:

What is R, Installation, HELLO WORLD!

Variable and Data types

Operators in R

Data Structure

Atomic vector All Operations

List All Operations

Array All Operations

Matrices All Operations

Data Frame All Operations

Factors All Operations

Control structures (if statements / Family)

Switch statements

Loops (For, while, repeat)

Jump Statements

Functions & Types

Data Visualization

Advance Data Visualization using ggplot2.

In Module-II you will learn:

Machine Learning Introduction and Dataset


Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression

Polynomial Regression

Support Vector Regression


Logistic Regression

Support Vector Classification

K Nearest Neighbors Classification


Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

K Means Clustering Algorithm


Apriori Algorithm

Eclat Algorithm

F-P Growth Algorithm

In Final words, the Couse is useful for all skill level, even you do not know about any programming language and Statistics behand it.

Now, I will be very excised to see you in the course.


Fahad Hussain

Who this course is for:

This course is for who want to learn how to program in R with real life examples.

This course is for who are tired of R courses that are too complicated as first programming language.

This course is for who want to learn R with Machine Learning and Data Science concept together.

This course is for, if you like exciting challenges of professional work .



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