Minitab v20 4 (x64)

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Minitab v20 4 (x64)
Minitab v20 4 (x64) | Size: 256.81 MB
Language: Multilingual

Minitab Statistical Software
Minitab is a free stats package developed in the University of Pennsylvania State College by statisticians Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan and Brian L. Joiner in 1970. The statistical analysis package included in Minitab is the product of more than twelve years of effort by the statistical scientists. The statistical techniques used in the development of Minitab are based on statistical inference methodologies and theories. Minitab can be used for different types of statistical studies such as time trends analysis, time series analysis, cluster sampling, regression analysis and generalized linear mixed effects testing.
Minitab provides support for R, Python, Pearl and SAS statistical analysis using the Microsoft Statistical Server. Minitab also provides support for Stata, SAS and SPSS statistical analysis using the Microsoft Windows interface. The software has been designed so that it can be run in different languages such as csh, is, Linux, Unix and Mac. Minitab comes with various command-line options to fit various scientific study designs. Minitab command-line options are available to fit different types of statistical packages such as Stata, SAS and SPSS.
Minitab has been downloaded by millions of users from all over the world. Minitab can be used for simple data analysis, advanced statistical data analysis and for data cleansing. Users can explore more options and settings from the graphical user interface. Minitab guides users through the installation process of the statistical software product. Minitab provides a number of add-on modules which can be used to customize the statistical analysis tool and to make it more useful.




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