201 Sex Games A Thousand And One Nights Of Pleasure

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201 Sex Games A Thousand And One Nights Of Pleasure

201 Sex Games A Thousand And One Nights Of Pleasure
pdf | 43.38 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1632203236 | Author: Romanillos, Pere; | Year: 2015


Spice up your love life with this little book of sensual games.

Would you dare do it in a museum? In the office? Have you tried beads? Or spanking? How many Kama Sutra positions do you know?

Dispense with your reservationsyou now have in your hands a unique sex manual! Pointed, imaginative, fun, and above all else easy to use, this is a sexual recipe book that you can consult whenever the urge arises.

201 Sex Games is full of new sexual positions, hot games, bold ideas, steamy scenarios, costumes, kinky experiments, and everything else you need to give yourself (and your partner) the most intense and unforgettable sexual experiences. Written for both men and women, in its pages you will find three categories: foreplay, action, and surprise. You can combine games, jump pages, mix experiences, even improvise and improve, if you so desire. The only limit is your imagination and your drive to change and improve the direction of your relationships.

Allow yourself to be surprised and open the pages of this book that includes:

Erotic games for him and her
Scenarios, costumes, and sexual role play to never again be bored
The newest sex toys on the market
The most intense, unknown, and different sexual experiences to surprise your lover over and over again . . .

Category:Hip & Thigh Workouts, Human Sexuality, General Sexual Health


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