Two for the Fun by Morgan Kelley

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Two for the Fun by Morgan Kelley

Two for the Fun by Morgan Kelley
epub | 448.87 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B093J6G5KS | Author: Morgan Kelley | Year: 2021


Warning: Contains sex, violence, serial killers, and Charlie LaRue behaving badly. Now, we all know where his daughter got it from.

Book 43 in the FBI/Romance Series.

Well, this was a fine mess that helping a friend had gotten her into. This was exactly why Elizabeth LaRue didn't like having a circle of friends-or owing someone a favor.
It always took you down when you least expected it.
Was it too much to ask for a vacation that didn't get ruined?
Was it?
By taking a case that Jack needed help with, Elizabeth dropped herself into one hell of a mess. Now, not only did she have to catch one Clarkson sibling, but she had to catch the other two also. Oh, catching Kitty Clarkson had been fun.
Her brother?
Oh, there was nothing fun about him.
With each Clarkson, one thing was crystal clear.
This family was absolutely insane.
Now, in a race against the clock, with the CIA and FBI breathing down her neck, Elizabeth has no choice but to bag and tag the three siblings, find ten million dollars-stolen from Kitty's victims, and keep her whole team alive.
Three siblings and all in a little over a week.
Why the hell not?
It wasn't like she had anything else that needed to be done.
Yeah, friendship.
It almost always got you in trouble.

This time, it was Two for the Fun.

Category:Native American Literature, Romantic Erotica, Romantic Erotica


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