My Wife Makes a Choice by Matthew Lee

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My Wife Makes a Choice by Matthew Lee

My Wife Makes a Choice by Matthew Lee
epub | 150.8 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B07FC5XMGW | Author: Lee, Matthew | Year: 2018


James loves showing off his sexy wife, Sabrina, but longs to take things a step farther. She feels certain that would be a mistake James would forever deeply regret. James discusses his feelings with his best friend, Hayim, who turns to his wife, Kathy, to get the woman's perspective. A prank followed by a misunderstanding sends Hayim and Kathy spinning out of orbit.
As events unfold, Sabrina discovers perhaps James was right and perhaps she should at least consider his wild fantasy, but one sip is all it takes. James and Sabrina have their lives changed in a single night, but not in the way James had hoped.
Now both couples are skidding off the rails and loving it. With their old lives behind them, both couples race ahead, finally pursuing all those things they'd denied.

Category:Erotica, Erotic Literature & Fiction


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