A Lady's Worth by Aedan Sayla

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A Lady's Worth by Aedan Sayla

A Lady's Worth by Aedan Sayla
epub | 4.52 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B07KVY5GM8 | Author: Aedan Sayla | Year: 2018


Lorene - He's an American and yet he looks at me, a Lady, as if he owns me.Adam - She may be a Lady, but I want her.Lorene - He's not a gentleman.Adam - She's a brat that needs to experience a real man's discipline.Both Adam and Lorene come from two very different levels of society, but when things go badly wrong one Lady finds that the best chance for survival she may have is the value that one man has placed in her that has nothing to do with money. There's a catch though. The value he sees in her is for her to be his woman and yet he's the last man on earth she ever wants to gain possession of her. She should know, because she told him that to his face. Can she change for the better or will she not learn her lesson until it's too late to make a difference?

Category:Historical Erotica, Historical Erotica


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