Jean Desmet And The Early Dutch Film Trade

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Jean Desmet And The Early Dutch Film Trade

Jean Desmet And The Early Dutch Film Trade
pdf | 8.93 MB | English | Isbn:978-9053564639 |Author: Bert | Page: 460 | Year: 2003


The Netherlands Film Museum's Desmet Collection contains the estate of Dutch cinema owner and film distributor Jean Desmet (1875-1956): almost nine hundred European and American films of all genres, a collection of publicity material, and a massive business archive. These three sources form the basis of this book, the first comprehensive reconstruction of Desmet's career. From his nomadic beginnings as a traveling showman to his successful switch to permanent cinema operation and film distribution, Blom shows how Desmet's fortunes encapsulated a series of structural changes within the new culture of the cinema.

Category:Movie History & Criticism, Theater

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