The Etiquette Edge - Modern Manners for Business Success

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The Etiquette Edge - Modern Manners for Business Success

The Etiquette Edge - Modern Manners for Business Success
azw3 | 658 KB | English | Isbn:0814437621 |
Author: Beverly Langford | PAge: 257 | Year: 2016


Intelligence, ambition, and skill will start you on the road to success, but without strong communications skills, social savvy, and a sense of appropriate behavior . . . you won't get far. And in today's culture where rudeness is unfortunately becoming more and more routine, a strong competitive advantage goes to those who have sharpened the forgotten but fundamental skill of courtesy.In The Etiquette Edge, readers will get a crash course in the entire field of modern business manners. From interviewing etiquette and dress codes to working in close quarters and communicating upward, you'll master the essentials of making a great impression and building relationships, including:• The dos and don'ts of smartphone usage• Handling difficult conversations with tact and finesse• Checking your texts and emails for content and tone . . . before you hit send!• Creating a polished image on social media• Conducting meetings with poise and confidence• And moreYour coworkers and competitors are highly educated, ferociously go-getting, and great at their job . . . just like you. If you want to truly distinguish yourself from the crowd, focus on gaining the etiquette edge!

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