Bologna, Italy (pocket travel guide)

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Bologna, Italy (pocket travel guide)
Bologna, Italy (pocket travel guide)
pdf | 7.15 MB | English | Author :Soda PDF Online | B08CSVSTQ8 | 2020

Book Description :

You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How To Make The Most Of Your Trip To Bologna!

Have you been dreaming of making a trip to Bologna- the enchanting city that radiates with its "towering" medieval and renaissance beauty, its scenic squares, striking arcades and art centers rich with Etruscan history?
Or is it its food (it's the food capital of Italy and the home of Bolognese sauce anyway!), its countless colorful cultural events, lively night life or its elegant porticoes that cover 38km of its streets that caught your attention?
On second thought, it doesn't matter because ANYTHING about Bologna would attract even the cloudiest soul.
But considering that this might be your first trip to this city, you might find the whole travel thing daunting- like most people.
In that case, you might wonder.
Where do I go first when I set foot on Bologna?
How is the climate there at different times of the year?
Which are some of the top must-see places in Bologna?
What if I am traveling with kids - how do I make our visit worthwhile and memorable for everyone?
What sort of activities can I engage in if I am visiting for a day, two, three or even more?
How do I get around Bologna easily?
How to I set myself up for "mad fun" by planning my Bologna trip well?
If you have these and other related questions and concerns, this book is for you so keep reading.Its aim is to ensure you have the best time in this beautiful city right from the day you step foot there, no matter how wide your travel specifications and concerns may be.

To give you a glimpse of what this guide contains, here is a list of topics you will find in it:

  • The best of Bologna
  • Planning your travel to Bologna - dos, don'ts, what to have in mind and more
  • Detailed information about the city month by month
  • Classic tour of Bologna routes
  • What to do if you're visiting for one day
  • What to do if you're visiting for two days
  • What to do if you're visiting for three days
  • The taverns of Bologna
  • The best activities to undertake in the city
  • Bologna outside the center
  • How to get around Bologna
  • How to travel as a disabled person
  • Traveling with kids
  • Bologna for homosexual travelers
  • How to address your concerns about health and emergencies while in Bologna

.And so much more!
So whether you want to make the most of your visit by only visiting the best places, you're worried about traveling with kids, you want to create a list of things to do beforehand or just want to have a vivid overview of the city before you plan your trip, this guide has got you covered.
Even if you have tons of other guides, keep in mind this book is written by a local to give you an authentic Bologna experience!
Don't wait.

Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to start learning how to make your trip to Bologna one you will forever cherish!

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